We are looking for independent consultants and reseller partners nationwide to be successful together.  We provide product and sales training via our vendor relationships and training programs.  We pay up to 50% in commissions along with monthly and quarterly sales incentives.  We are a startup VAR working on growing into one of the top technology solutions providers in the nation.  As we transition into a midsize reseller and beyond, we will need full-time employees to take on leadership roles to continue our growth.  We plan to acquire these managers via our consultants who have shown results and leadership qualities.  Please inquire at info@takepointtech.com or (206) 617-1296.


Our business depends greatly on referrals from existing customers and individuals (who may/may not be independent consultants).  We work hard to make sure we exceed the expectations of our customers and that’s why we get as many referrals as we do.  We offer great items like backpacks, jackets, electronics and gift cards per referral.  We strongly value privacy and data protection so we will never share, sell or abuse any referral information nor share your contact information.  If you prefer to give us an anonymous referral we completely respect your anonymity.  Please talk to us at info@takepointtech.com or call (206) 617-1296.